Great advice from indie publisher, Joe Konrath

joe konrathFor any aspiring authors out there, this blog post by Joe Konrath is a must-read. Forget the traditional route, savvy authors are now going indie. A post that prompts 593 comments (as of 24/04/11) needs to be taken seriously.

Here’s a snippet:

Are you dense? What the hell is wrong with you?

I’m talking to you. The writers who are still thoughtlessly defending legacy publishing. Unless you’re making over a million dollars a year with the Big 6, continuing down the legacy path is a crazy bad idea.

I see the same tired, lame arguments, over and over again. They include: It’s hard to make decent money self-pubbing.

Guess what? It’s even harder to make decent money by legacy publishing…”

Go there now and read the rest of it, you may well get to be the next JK Rowling!