Deadly Night-Girl

Here’s another very short short story for one of Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenges.

Chuck’s brief was simple: “I want you to tell me a story in five sentences. (Yes, a complete story.) No longer than 100 words total.”

Deadly Night-Girl

night girl
If you look really hard she still retains a certain glamour, but only on a good day.

In a previous life she had it all; she was an A-lister, she sparkled, turned heads, broke more than a few hearts. Now there are only memories; and needles; and the stale-piss stench of the cubicle.

A liquid jewel pops out of her vein, an HIV ruby pooling at the exit of the thin steel lifeline.

She’s well past caring about how she looks but she covers her arms carefully, in her line of business it makes the punters nervous.

Go to Chuck’s blog at the link above to see a load more. And be amazed by how many entrants don’t seem to read the brief!