about steve leanThank you for stumbling upon my blog – and welcome. Here is the place where I spout forth my opinions about things that interest or annoy me.

It’s also a place where you can let me know your opinions about my opinions – or things that interest or annoy you – or whether or not you think I should’ve been let out in the first place!

It is my hope and intention that this blog should, at the very least, be a bloody good read and spark off a bit of lively debate.

I consider myself extremely fortunate in that I get to wear different hats according to what the day/email/phone brings.

Naturally, as a website designer, I have a separate website for each hat, and you’ll find them all here: I have a writer hat (you’re here already), a web designer hat, an ebook formatter hat and a photographer hat. Sometimes I’m wearing all of them!

If you are a potential client the best way to contact me is by email. Emails get to me instantly, wherever I happen to be.

If you want to connect via social media you can use the buttons up there on the right. Just one click and we’re friends. Google+ is where I hang out the most. You can also follow me on Twitter, but I don’t go there much. I don’t really ‘do’ Facebook any more, their algorithms are now getting just too biased towards those who pay to get their message out. I’m not playing that game, I’m afraid.

Bad language alert!!

intro to stevelean.comBe warned, sometimes the ‘f’ word is the only word that fits a certain situation, if you’re offended by it perhaps you should think about leaving now – or maybe getting out more!

I’m not trying to be deliberately provocative, I’m just telling it like it is. I read, I observe, I form an opinion and I write about it.

Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I dribble a whole load of opinionated effluent. I just don’t want you to be surprised by anything you may not want your dear old Granny to see.

Come on down, join in and make my day

Sitting at a desk all day, working on a computer, can get a bit lonely, you know? So I would love to hear your views. Talk to me – please! Don’t just sit on the fence, that’s where the boring, uneducated masses are, jump off and get stuck in with your comments. Big me up or knock me down, it doesn’t matter, just get involved, anything but perch there on that post-and-rail waiting for the farmer to shoot your arse off.

Thank you for your visit, if you leave here suitably entertained, enlightened or even annoyed I will consider the job done!

Y’all have a nice day now.

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