eBook Conversion vs. Formatting

ebook_formattingWith the current trend of indie authors heading into self-publishing, there are many “specialists” now jumping on the bandwagon and offering to “convert” your manuscript for not a lot of money.

Because of this, those writers and self-publishers looking to outsource this part of the process should make a point of getting to know what they’re actually paying for. There is a whole world of difference between ebook “conversion” and ebook “formatting”. Continue reading

A mistake to avoid when using affiliate links in your ebook

affiliate linksHere’s a little bit of advice you may be interested in if you produce any form of viral marketing publication. You know the sort of thing: ebooks, pdf reports, courses, reviews, etc.

Never use any link inside the content that you can’t control or change later.

You should always use redirect links from your own domain when putting any kind of link inside your ebook or publication. Most people will insert their affiliate link for a product or service inside their ebook that they are hoping readers will click on and earn them some cash. Continue reading

A contrary view on indie publishing

The blog post below appeared briefly on indie publisher JA Konrath’s blog, but has now disappeared. It was written by successful thriller writer Stephen Leather. Methinks a few feathers may have been ruffled!
Edit: It must have been a glitch because it’s back now. Apologies for the wrongful assertion. See it here

Here’s what Leather had to say:    Continue reading