Wanna get rich? Park your mouse and dust off your shoes!

get rich quickAre you an ‘Internet Marketer’?

Congratulations! You’re part of a huge movement, the 99% of wannabes who will never make a dime!

You’ll just keep flitting from one ‘money making’ scheme to the next, all the while overdosing on daily emails from all the ‘gurus’ out there trying to bleed you dry with the latest must-have ‘guaranteed-income-for-doing-fuck-all’ crock of gold. (Or is that crock of shit?)    Continue reading

Content is king – or is it?

website contentThe ‘Internet Gurus’ are always telling us that content is king and that we must strive to keep churning out ever-changing original content for our websites if we are to gain brownie points from the search engines.

You can’t stand still for a minute, keep those words flowing, they say, or your site will plummet to the depths of obscurity.

“Here, let me help you, invest in this course, watch that video from ‘my buddy’ John Doe, buy now from my link and get all these useless re-hashed bonuses ($597 value) for FREE!” You know the sort of thing, I’m sure.    Continue reading