Author | Freelance Writer | Web Designer and Copywriter

Stephen LeanIn a nutshell, I write stuff. For myself and for other people. Here are some of the things I do:

  • I write articles – Freelance articles, short stories and flash-fiction for online magazines, directories, ezines and websites. For four years I wrote a regular monthly column for a high circulation and well-regarded regional magazine made out of real paper and ink and stuff
  • I write web copy – Lots of it! It’s just part of the brief when you’re asked to come up with a design and SEO plan (see below). Web copy stuffed with keywords will read like it’s written by a three-year-old on drugs, and will bring down upon your head the wrath of the great Gods of Google. My web copy is written for humans but is always correctly optimised for robots as well
  • I write in html – The language of the internet. I have been designing, hosting and webmastering websites for clients since 1998
  • I format ebooks – And I help other self-publishers format their own. There’s only one right way to do it, and you can learn how easy it is to do it yourself by following my step-by-step video course
  • I write books – Well, so far I’ve written and self-published one non-fiction ebook. It’s a frequent category best-seller on Amazon UK and you will not be able to avoid shameless plugs and links to it all over this website! I’ve also published a couple of short stories and I’ve got my first novel in progress as we speak