5 Easy Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop’s Zoom Tool

photoshop zoom toolWhen you’re working in Photoshop you will very often need the zoom tool. By learning these few commonly used zooming shortcuts you will speed up your workflow and make your life a lot easier.

Using keyboard shortcuts is always my preferred method when working in post-production, it gets the job done a lot more quickly and you will be surprised at how much you use them once you’ve got the hang of it.    Continue reading

Correcting Verticals with Photoshop’s Transform Tool

correcting verticals photoshopI do a lot of property/architecture photography so the two things that have to be right are verticals and horizontals.

By far the easiest way to get these right is in the camera when you’re taking the shot. Saves an awful lot of messing about later!

A good tall tripod with spirit levels is your best friend if you’re going to be doing this type of photography.

Sometimes though it’s not possible to get the right angle, maybe you’re too near, or you just can’t get the right viewpoint. Never fear, Photoshop’s Transform tool can get you out of all sorts of trouble – here’s how.    Continue reading